Lexdar Media is a Seattle-area web design company, concentrating on all facets of web development and design for businesses of all sizes. Our clients call on us to provide them with a single point of contact for all the digital solutions needed to market products and services. We work closely with our clients and use the latest technologies to develop websites that will fit your needs.
Our services include web design, logo design, programming, custom interface design, content management systems, ecommerce, website re-design, flash animation, branding, audio and video streaming capabilities, web hosting, internet marketing, and search engine optimization.
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Millions of new websites are launched every week. To stand out from the crowd and gain visibility online, you must develop an online marketing strategy to drive traffic to your site.
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Website writing is complex, and
very different from writing an
article, a book, or a thesis.
We have professional content
writers on staff. A well-written website can make the difference.
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