Keyword research is fundamental to search-based marketing.  Proper keyword research can make or break an online campaign.

Keyword research and analysis form the building blocks for a search engine optimization campaign. They have a direct impact on the website's content, navigation, overall page design, and rankings. It is during this step that we create the architectural plans for the whole internet marketing program and determine the best course of action for achieving our client's goals. The initial phases include keyword research, identification, popularity measurements, and "long tail" phrasing.

We utilize the client's input from their business, marketing plan, and various keyword identification programs to determine how people will be looking for their products or services on the internet. The goal is to create a list of every conceivable search phrase to find your company, even potential misspellings.

During the identification process, we will also uncover projections for the amount of times that each keyword/phrase is searched. This will help us in determining which search terms would be most efficient to target for your campaign.

Example of Keyword Phrase: "Home Mortgage"
Activity (Estimated): 85,019 web-wide search engine queries per day.

  •    Google = 41,642
  •    Yahoo Index = 19,086
  •    MSN = 11,278
  •    AOL = 4,338
  •    Tehoma = 1,735
  •    Ask Jeeves = 1,735
  •    AmazonA9 = 868
  •    Inktomi = 868
  •    Alta Vista = 868
  •    Hot Bot = 868
  •    IWon = 868
  •    Lycos = 868

We typically review the list to determine which terms and phrases are most relevant to your business and then proceed to a competitive keyword analysis.
Keyword Research & Suggestions
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